#24 Milk bench

At this point we remind you of an old tradition or rather a rural necessity.
Everywhere where arable farming and animal husbandry was practiced, dairy cooperatives had been established since the 19th century. These cooperatives then centrally produced butter, buttermilk and cheese from the milk of the surrounding farmers.
Before this time, the milk was processed directly in the individual farms.
The new dairy, as the new cooperatives were called, was in Oebisfelde on Stendaler Strasse.
So that the milk did not have to be brought there individually by each farmer, a milk truck drove through the town and villages every morning. He picked up the milk from the farms, which had been provided in cans. There were so-called milk banks in front of the farms. The perishable product milk was transported to the dairy as quickly as possible in the milk truck for processing.
Often times this wagon had also brought the skimmed milk back from the dairy for animal feed.
We are here at the main gate of the former administrative courtyard. This Amtshof was the arable and livestock farming of the property, which belonged to the castle. The animal populations were also concentrated here.
There were stables, barns, dung pits and a few smaller houses where there have been blocks of flats since the early 1990s behind this wall. During the GDR era, they were initially managed by the LPG, but were then abandoned because new, more modern premises had been created outside of the city.
So the stables and barns fell into disrepair and at the time of the fall there were only ruins.
Since cattle farming was now concentrated outside the city in the new LPG, the milk banks with the characteristic milk cans on them became unnecessary. Among other things, those that once stood here until the 1960s (see photo).
In memory of how our ancestors used to find it difficult to earn part of their daily bread and food, the Heimatverein has set up this replica of the milk bank again.

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