#6 „Goldackerturm“

This is the last remaining tower of what used to be 5 watchtowers.

After the city walls and watchtowers had lost their importance in the 18th century at the latest due to improved weapon technology, walls and defenses were razed almost everywhere and often also used as building material.

The last watchtower, which was still in ruins at the beginning of the 20th century, was acquired by a gentleman named Karl Goldacker in 1910 and expanded to three storeys as in the old form.

This gem should serve him as a summer residence.

Since then the tower has been called „Goldackerturm“.

This Goldacker was the general agent of the then „Lodenfrei“ company in Munich and had a relationship with a woman who lived in Oebisfelde.

How the tower used to look can be seen in the picture from 1665.

This tower was not expropriated even during the times of the GDR.

It was only administered and fell into disrepair.

In the meantime, the local youth club was located in its premises.

After 1989 a group of interested citizens from Wolfsburg and Oebisfelde took on the tower.

The so-called “Cooking Guild” renovated the tower and put it back into a meaningful use.

At that time, a woman still had the right to use the lower room through the former client.

This room served her as an arbor and equipment room for the neighboring garden.

Since the “Cooking Guild” had an interest in using the entire tower, they built a massive gazebo for the lady in the immediate vicinity.

Today the „Kochgilde“ is still active.

The men and women indulge their passion, cooking.

On the “Open Monument Day”, which always takes place on the 2nd Sunday in September, they occasionally open their lovingly restored piece of jewelry.

This will preserve this monument for the future.

It is still „only managed“ because efforts to acquire the property have failed.

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