#9 „Ständerhaus“

We are in Achterstrasse.
It has nothing to do with the number or digit 8.
The name is Hintere Straße.
Because in Low German, which used to be colloquial here, means „aft“ – behind.
You can still find this term in sailor’s language today.
In the case of a ship, it means from “behind” or “at the stern”. Say it is aft.
We call the house in front of which we stand the Ständerhaus.
This is the house where we can still best and most originally see in our city how the supporting structure of a half-timbered house was built up to about 500 years ago.
With this architectural style, the individual floors of the house are not built independently of one another.
Here the corner and support posts are installed from the lower border to the ceiling of the upper floor.
The support beams of the ceilings are latched into the vertical posts by means of tenons.
The ceiling beams are then wedged on the outside with wooden plugs. You can still see this type of construction very well on the courtyard side.
Such houses have great stability.
The demolition companies notice this when they demolish such half-timbered structures.
Then strong technology has to be used, otherwise everything is „indestructible“.
These house here was extensively renovated in the 1990s and in accordance with the preservation of historical monuments.
Much emphasis was placed on ensuring that such style-defining elements remain visible.
How many such houses, which are still medieval in style, still stand in our city cannot be said for sure.
Much is no longer visible due to plastering, facing with stone facades or underpinning.

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