#7 Battlements

At this point of our old city wall you can see where and how the inner battlement used to be anchored in the wall.
The inside of the wall was about 4 – 5 m high.
The joists were anchored in the wall about 2.5 – 3.5 m above the ground.
A layer of planks was laid on the beam so that the guards could patrol it, report if necessary and even defend it.
The current level of the street is about 1.5 m above street level in the Middle Ages.
Outside, 2 defensive trenches with ramparts ran parallel to the wall, so that the height up to the top of the wall was much more difficult to reach there.
Such walls could hardly be overcome without ladders or other climbing aids.
The defenders awaited intruders at the top.
Today we can still see about 70-75% of the course of the old city wall.
However, its original height is hardly ever complete, because here too many stones were removed as building material.
In many places of the city wall the quarry stones are badly weathered.
Obviously the well-known hard rock from Velpke was not used here everywhere.

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