#18 + #19 old pharmacy / magedurg gate

18.+19. old pharmacy / magdeburg Gate
One of the most beautiful buildings in the city is the „Alte Apotheke“ here on Magdeburger Strasse. It is right in front of the former Magdeburg Gate.
A first pharmacist received approval to run his pharmacy in 1738 on Langen Strasse.
With this you can start a real health care. Until then, the health care of the residents of Oebisfelde was probably perceived more badly than right by local or traveling bathers and field shearers.
A doctor for the poor was appointed as early as the middle of the 1850s. Over the years, dentists and veterinarians also settled in Oebisfelde.
In the chronicle of 1914 and also in older chronicles it can be read that the city has always tried to keep up with the health development.
A pharmacy was set up in a former brewery as early as 1790. It lasted until the early 1990s. Today a lawyer has his office in this house.

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