#26 „Hotel am Markt“

This massive stone house dates from 1739 and has been one of the top addresses for commercial buildings for almost 3 centuries. It was built by Johann Valentin Winkelmann. From 1719 to 1756 he was senator and then chamber arsenal, that is, the city’s financial officer.
In contrast to most half-timbered houses, it is made entirely of natural stone. Many of the half-timbered houses have inscribed thresholds in memory of their builders, but this was not possible here due to the lack of wood components.
The client has found a different, but very special, way of perpetuating it.
At the front of the house facing the market, he has attached 2 large wooden panels that – read correctly – indicate the year of construction of the house in Roman numerals and also reveal the name of the builder.
You can find the explanation when you look at the original records in the foyer of the hotel.
These boards were secured by the last owner before he left Oebisfelde, and later given to the local history association for storage and remembrance.
This then handed it over to the current builder and hotel owner.
In GDR times, the location for a hotel in what was then the border area was unattractive for hoteliers, as no visitors could be received and there was no mention of tourism.
The hotel on the market, which opened in 2018, had been vacant for several decades. Only because of its solid basic structure and construction did this building have the potential to be converted into a hotel. Nevertheless, the effort involved in converting and expanding this building, especially from a financial point of view, was enormous. An entrepreneur from Oebisfelde had the courage for such a project and so Oebisfelde has a hotel again. Today the hotel houses 16 stylishly furnished rooms.
Due to the historically and architecturally successful conversion of this building, the client was honored with the “House of the Year 2020” plaque from the Oebisfelde local council and local history association.

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