#15 „Schildplatz“

This square got its name from its shape, which resembled a medieval shield.
The adjacent streets with their current development are still as they were planned when they were built.
There was a correction at the end of the 80s of the 20th century in the course of the sewerage work.
The road was diverted from today’s Langen Strasse to Lindenstrasse with a right turn.
During the civil engineering work, a double grave was uncovered east of the nave.
This comes from the cemetery that was formerly located here.
The cemetery was moved outside the inhabited city as early as the 19th century.
As the most important and square building, the church is on the west side of Schildplatz.
The school is also adjacent here.
The sexton’s house with the girls‘ school used to stand on the south side.
Wealthy merchants like to settle near the church, as here in Oebisfelde.
Later, the residents also included a post office, a department store and a newspaper, the “Oebisfelder General-Anzeiger”.
One of several public fountains was located between Langen Strasse and Magdeburger Strasse.
This was called „owl fountain“ by the population because its enclosure was adorned with several owls, the Oebisfeld heraldic animal.
It is also known that the residents of this place had to live with the fact that their roommates often jokingly referred to them as „shield citizens“.

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