#22 oebisfelder picture frames

This picture frame was created because some board members of the Heimatverein saw various similar objects in different cities while on vacation and suggested creating one here too.
The most varied of materials, such as wood, concrete and steel, serve as a backdrop for the most beautiful holiday photos.
The Heimatverein decided on a durable variant made of concrete.
Finding a suitable position was not difficult. It was clear that the highlight of Oebisfelde – the castle – should be the background for beautiful holiday pictures.
Thanks to committed local builders who are committed to their hometown, the project could also be financially supported and implemented.
The picture frame was presented to the public in May 2019.
With the additional color design as well as the lettering, logo and coat of arms, the picture frame was visually upgraded and more attractive.
Since then, many Oebisfeld citizens and visitors have taken out their cell phones for selfies and nice souvenir photos and sent greetings to our castle and picture frames all over the world.

Bike path information point
Along the Mühlaller you can see 7 natural stone blocks, former street bollards. On it you can see the coats of arms of the districts through which the Aller flows on its way from the source in the high wood near Oschersleben to the mouth near Verden.
The display board next to the seating area informs you about everything that can be seen along the Allerradweg.
Information on the “Green Belt” cycle path and the approx. 35 km long cycle path “Velpker Schweiz” can be found on the pages that are averse to the Aller.

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