#12 former school

This former school dates from 1810 in the western part.
The eastern part was completed in 1830.
The old school from 1556 at the same location was too small and in great need of repair.
The funds for the new building were raised by collecting from the residents.
Learning took place on the ground floor.
The teacher’s apartments were located above.
Up to 6 teachers were employed here in the 19th century.
In its origins, the school system was strongly influenced by the church and for centuries in the hands of the monasteries.
When the cities flourished in the 12th century, the city lords tried to set up their own schools.
In doing so, they were often directed against the church superiors.
With the establishment of the new schools, Latin, which had been widespread up to that point, was replaced by the common language.
That will also have happened in Oebisfelde.
Only after the Reformation in 1542 can one speak of the actual school system.
Only for boys, however, because girls hadn’t considered training necessary.
Since there were no Reformed teachers at the time of the introduction, Catholic teachers were asked to take over the classes.
During the church visitation from 1562-1564 2 school journeymen were employed.
A third was soon added.
Compulsory schooling was not introduced until 1717 in Prussia, which Oebisfelde was a part of at the time.
Until 1914, all school staff had to perform tasks in the church at the same time – be it as organist, church choir director or sexton.
Here in Oebisfelde, the mistress of the castle von Bülow, born von Alvensleben, was very committed to the education of the girls.
She had already set up a two-class girls‘ school in 1564 and assumed the costs for it.
When the eastern school building opened in 1830, a girls‘ class was set up.
However, since there was no space in the school, the clergy clerk had to take over the training in the simplest subjects such as reading, writing, singing and of course religion in his home.
In the 1860s, physical education was also made mandatory.
In 1844, on the private initiative of a teacher, a commercial advanced training school was set up, but it was soon closed due to lack of interest.
There have been long efforts to re-establish a higher school.
It also succeeded with the opening of a private middle school in 1879.
It then existed under different names until around 1900. In 1905 the city was again required to run a commercial school.
In the 1920s there was a middle school again, which existed until 1948.
A new city school was inaugurated in 1901 in today’s Schulstrasse.
Until then, the curricula of the elementary schools were decisive.
Those who wanted to go to higher school or study had to take their Abitur in another, larger city.

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