#11 Crucifix

This stone slab with a sandstone sculpture on the west wall of the tower of St. Catherine’s Church shows Jesus Christ on the cross – also called the crucifix.
Including his grieving mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, who is very close to Jesus.
One figure could perhaps be St. Catherine as the namesake of this church.
However, she did not live until several centuries later and was martyred by lichen on the wheel.
The Katharinenkirche, in front of which they stand, was built from rubble stones.
You can see that here on the west tower.
The tower of the church has an overhang of 95 centimeters to the west due to the lowered foundation walls.
There are 3 bells hanging on the tower.
The largest bell with a diameter of 1.39 meters was cast in 1463.
The middle bell with a diameter of 1.15 meters does not show any inscriptions and dates from the late medieval period.
The smallest bell with a diameter of 63 cm is the oldest.

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