#16 + #17 „Mauerstraße“ and city wall

As the name suggests, the city wall was located here. It was the eastern boundary of the old town. The foundation runs below this walkway.
This part of the city wall begins at the former Badstubenberg or Badstubenplatz. Shepherds‘ houses and a poor house used to be located on it.
There were no buildings attached to the city wall itself. There were free entrances as described on the west side.
The easternmost street with buildings on both sides was Badstubenstraße. The bathing rooms and other trades in the old town were also located there. Mainly those who had to work most of all with water from the Mühlaller.
The nearby Mühlaller was diverted from the west flowing main river in the earliest times for reasons of defense, but also for the discharge of urban sewage.
The water for human needs was drawn from wells that were distributed throughout the city. At the time, there was one of these fountains at the junction from Mauerstrasse to Badstubenstrasse.
In 1911 a bridge was built from Mauerstraße to Schulstraße. This gave the old town another access from Badstubenplatz in the direction of Mühlaller. In the course of this, the northern city wall was removed and the original path was widened to a street.

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