#20 heraldic fountain

There is a bubbling fountain here at the entrance to the „Dämmchen“.
You can see the coats of arms of the surrounding villages that were independent until 1994: Weddendorf, Breitenrode, Wassensdorf, Buchhorst, Niendorf, Bergfriede Lockstedt and Gehrendorf, the so-called Ländchen villages.
The amalgamation of these villages in the course of the administrative reform of 1994 is symbolized by this fountain.
Rätzlingen, Bösdorf, Etingen, Kathendorf and Eickendorf joined in the same year. However, their coats of arms are not immortalized on the fountain.
The coat of arms of Oebisfelde is located on the central block of natural stone, as the center of the newly created city.
A predecessor of this fountain was built at the end of the 1960s and was also illuminated in color for a short time.
In earlier times there was a so-called horse pond at this point. That was a larger, flat bulge on the banks of the Mühlaller.
In this horse pond, the farmers and other horse owners could safely climb or drive their horses into the water to wash or water the animals. They also let the tires of their teams swell here.
With the floods of the Aller, which occurs more often every year, this point was one of the most endangered places in the city.
These floods have been averted by various flood protection measures over the years. A first measure was a state treaty between Prussia and the Duchy of Lüneburg in 1854. This regulated the regulation of the Aller between Oebisfelde and Grafhorst.
After various heavy rainfall, however, more recent studies led to the flood risk being reassessed.
Since then, several parts of the urban area have again been classified as endangered areas, which in turn has an impact on the issuing of building permits.
The local history association has vividly labeled trees and shrubs in the form of a nature trail inside the „Dämmchen“. Fauna and flora are also explained on large display boards along the Aller.

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