#8 Stonecrop

The city wall is heavily populated by a plant that bears the name stonecrop, stone pepper or spicy sedum plant.
It has been valued as a medicinal plant since ancient times and, like many such plants, is also poisonous.
As always in such cases, it is the dose that you take and that determines whether it works as a poison or as a remedy.
When you chew the plant, a sharp, pepper-like taste develops. This is where the name „stonecrop“ comes from.
The Stonecrop is a herbaceous plant that is about 5-15 cm high.
Their structure is similar to succulents and has yellow flowers.
It is common all over Europe and of course, it mainly grows on old walls.
But the stonecrop can also be found on railway embankments and flat surfaces.
As a useful plant, it is also used today for greening roofs.

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