#3 Spout in the Street named „Sträßchen“

You are in the narrowest street in Oebisfelde. This is where the name of this street comes from. Right in front of you you can see a so-called pouring stone, which was installed here during the reconstruction of the house in the 1980s.

Such stones were common disposal routes for all types of sewage. Most of the time, it was directed from the kitchens onto the street. There it regularly polluted the street and attracted vermin.

At that time there was no sewerage system. All the water flowed with the rainwater on the surface with the road gradient up to the next small ditch, which then led outside the city wall into the Aller, or into the defensive ditches that surrounded the city wall.

The medieval house itself is one of the oldest in the city. Investigations of the wood and the type of construction showed that this rear building dates from around 1450. The front building on the corner dates from 1645, as an inscription on the front of the street shows.

As a rear building, it is a typical former merchant or commercial building. However, with the peculiarity that the ground floor is solid, while most of the houses are built as half-timbered houses. While there is a cross vault in the cellar, there is a barrel vault under the front half-timbered house. Both cellars are connected to each other.

The properties on the main street, especially right next to the market and town hall, were the largest and belonged to the wealthiest citizens.

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